"Tectonics was produced in conjunction with the Fisk show Two Sides of Life. An examination of the human life process, that is: birth–life–death. Aaron W. Bjork explores these themes through an ambitious solo show that encompases a video installation, short stories and a collection of his signature hand cut vinyl drawings."
Single Channel Video with sound. 2 min 56 seconds.
Original score by Apartment Fox.

Annie B
My wife was making noises in the other room, more pressing painful noises than I. The real kind of noises, the kind nurses and doctors are attentive to. Not the kind that some pussy in the bathroom with food poisoning is making as he holds his head above the toilet. Projectile vomiting five hour old chicken doner kebab. And they told me the bloody part has not even begun.

And when she fell out of the womb, there was a pause that seemed like an eternity. A two second blankness that was void of all sound, movement, activity. I raised the camera is slow motion, not looking through the lens but rather pointing in the general direction of my beautiful wrinkled girl that was only brand new. I wanted to see with my own eyes this trophy of love covered in blood and fluid and stank and afterbirth. She was still and quiet and limp. I held my breath and held my eyes open trying so hard not to miss the exact moment when that switch was flipped. The eternal moment was over and at last, her first breath of air taken in. And the most beautiful cry and freshly minted tears spring out.

In may of this year, my daughter was born. Her mom and I waited a long time for that day. We enjoyed feeling the kicks and shutters from within the belly and playing beethoven sonatas at bedtime every night for 41 weeks.

8'x24' Hand-cut adhesive vinyl on window.

A Gross Reaction is an experimental animated short film combining traditional graphic design, illustration and CG techniques. Produced in part with the Los Angeles based organization Frame Society, this film was screened along with 20 other scary films on Halloween 2012.